Drugged Taxi Drivers? Not in Arizona!

The state of Arizona has just passed a new law requiring that every transportation company require drug tests annually for their drivers. This includes taxi drivers, limosine drivers, bus drivers, and delivery drivers. Most drivers support the new law and many of them report that the employers that have hired them on contract have often required drug testing upon hire already, so it is nothing new for them. Some transportation companies and the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation of Arizona are opposed to the new law, stating that such laws in the past have been ineffective, invade employees’ privacy, and lack an appeals process in the case of false positive test results.

While these concerns are valid considerations, most voters felt that since the drivers were voluntarily seeking employment providing a service to the general public, that of transporting passengers to various places, that such accountability and safeguards for public safety were warranted. If a driver doesn’t want to be tested, he or she doesn’t have to be a driver responsible for other people’s lives. If a driver is on public streets, especially when transporting passengers, it is not asking too much that he or she verify their compliance to state and national DUI laws through random and frequent drug testing.

Truck drivers have been required to comply with laws requiring random drug testing for many years. It only makes sense that drivers who are transporting human lives meet the same requirements.


Benefits of Drug Testing OUTSIDE of the Lab

Many of ASC’s customers are laboratories which purchase drug testing, pregnancy testing, and other medical test kits in bulk. Some people may believe that they have to go to a lab to get medical tests administered, but that’s simply not the case. Many different types of tests are available for consumers. Parents, bosses, and people who simply want to monitor their own health effectively without extra expense and hassles often seek out over-the-counter options for their testing needs.
There are 5 primary benefits to conducting your own health testing:
1. convenient: testing at home or in the workplace eliminates long waits in clinic waiting rooms and the necessity of making appointments. It allows users to test when and where it is most convenient for them.
2. easy to use: good test kits are easy to use and easy to understand. They provide specific instructions which, when followed, provide easy-to-read results.
3. private: self-testing is a way to get accurate results privately, allowing people to monitor their own health without impacting their employment, schooling, or social lives.
4. accurate: modern test kits are carefully regulated to ensure accuracy and safety for consumers and healthcare professionals. The results from today’s tests are often immediate- within minutes or hours- and very accurate.
5. readily available: many different tests can be purchased over-the-counter or ordered online for delivery within a few days, making access to health tests both easy and affordable.

ASC has many different health test kits available, including:
– drug testing
– pregnancy/ovulation testing
– DNA/paternity testing
– forensics testing
– glucose monitoring
– HIV testing

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Synthetic Urine Can Get You Fired!

While there are many ways to compromise the results of a urinalysis drug screen, the use of “fake” or synthetic urine is becoming the most common way to cheat in many states. Although available online as a “novelty item,” possession of the substance is a crime in some states, as it is classified as drug paraphernalia. Other states ban the sale of the products instead of their usage.

Most labs have caught on to the trend, and now test for a compound which is found only in synthetic urine in order to identify its deceptive use.

Can an employee be fired for using synthetic urine even if its possession and use are not illegal in their state? The short answer is “yes!” Here’s an explanation of why:

Many federal statutes and regulations which override state statutes require drug testing for people in government sponsored, regulated, or certified/licensed jobs, and for “safety-sensitive” jobs such as airline pilots and commercial drivers. While the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) limits when medical tests may be required, drug tests are NOT classified as medical tests, so those restrictions to not apply. In the current job market, most employees are hired “at-will,” meaning that they can quit for any reason, and the employer can fire them for any reason: even failure or refusal to submit to drug testing. The bottom line is that drug testing can be requested or even required, with or without cause, at any time by at-will employers. And yes, the use of synthetic urine for a urinalysis drug screen is reported as a “dirty” test.

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